Saturday, January 16, 2010

the stars & the moon, they have all been blown out...

It's been a few weeks since I've last blogged and this song I've been listening to lately ("Cosmic Love" by Florence & The Machine) somehow inspired me to blog again. The lovely Chelsea Wilson introduced me to this song and I greatly appreciate it : ) My winter break was well-needed and turned out better than I thought it would, thank goodness.

Anywho, I've been oh-so busy lately. I'm back in San Marcos, back to being an RA, back to drama and stress 24-7. And classes haven't even started yet! Eek! On a lighter note, it's a gorgeous day outside and I would simply love to go lay in the grass right now under the sun. It's just one of those days.

Oddly enough, I don't really know what else to say...there is plenty going on that I could talk about, but none of it really feels worth talking about. Oh! Except for this dream I had during my nap yesterday! It was something about a boat and I needed to climb down the side of the boat to get to something that was in the water...I don't remember exactly what it was though. But by the time I got to the bottom, everything had frozen over and there was snow EVERYWHERE. And there was this long dock that I had to walk to to get to this boat...I feel like the dream sort of started over and over again, repeating itself but with different hindrances each time. I'm pretty sure my dad was there for part of it. Oh, and at one point the dock started breaking apart as I was on it, coming closer and closer to was pretty scary, but interesting...

Yeah. That's about it. Boring, I know...maybe next time I'll have something better for you!




  1. Ahhh! I need to blog too! Maybe I will...

    That dream sounds crazy! It also sounds pretty cool. I remember that I had this horrible recurring dream and it was like I was in a horror film. I was with friends (actually it wasn't anyone I knew in real life. They were just my friends in my dream) in Fort Worth (really random place to be in my dream) and it was always dark out and there was always an orange glow from the street lights. I would always kind of start off in the same place at the same point. We were in this part of the city and my friends and I were looking for my other friend so we went to the top of this building. The building was kind of open towards the top. Lots of windows and a sloped wood paneled ceiling. There was a giant bell in the middle of the room (at least I think it was a bell. It was either that or a clock or the bell that would chime for a clock) and every time we got up to the top floor the orange glow would still be with us and there would be blood on the wall from one of our friends. We had no idea who the killer was so we all started wondering if it was one of us. I remember thinking in my dream that it wasn't one of us and picturing some guy but at the same time being afraid that I was the killer and that I was some kind of sociopath and didn't even know it and that I was going to kill one of my friends again.

    That's the clean version. The actual version is a lot worse but I don't really like thinking about it. I had these dreams during the summer and I remember looking at your dream dictionary at Transformers 2 trying to figure out what it meant but I stopped looking because I was afraid it was going to tell me something I didn't want to hear. Like I actually was crazy and a horrible person. I wonder what the bell means. And the orange glow. I tried looking online but none of the dream dictionaries seemed as legit as yours. Whateva! I don't have that dream anymore so it's all good. : ) I am happy again. It's weird what our brain comes up with when we aren't controlling it.

    Sorry for the novel in your comment section. I hope you don't have too much drama! I love and miss you! <3


  2. Thanks for the novel in my comment section! I love comments : )
    I also just kinda feel like interpreting your dream with the handy dandy help of my dream book, if you don't mind...haha

    The color orange can usually symbolize a passionate and rebellious personality. The building represents your life, with the quality & character of the interior space representing all the parts of your life, and the exterior representing the way you present yourself to the world. Windows keep the outside from getting in...they keep all the bad stuff out, but they also shield us from experience. Windows frame what your mind wants you to notice. Only you can decide whether you need to stay safely inside or open that window and climb out. The clock (or more specifically, the ticking of a clock) means you feel the pressure of time passing, getting older, or not having enough time to finish something. Blood in dreams usually indicate something vital like survival or passion. Murder/Killing: usually have to do more with change inflicted on one person by another rather than any sort of actual evil impulse or preiction of violence. There are a lot of specifics for the definition of murder. For example, witnessing a murder, feeling like someone is trying to murder you, and dreaming that you murder/are trying to murder someone can all have different meanings.

    Enjoy your interpretation! : D

  3. Wow. That's intense. Thank you for doing that! I wish it hadn't been so gross and unpleasant though. And scary. I should get a dream dictionary. They're pretty neat!

  4. Dream dictionaries are great! I'm kind of addicted to them. I'm so tempted to buy one every time I see one. There is one at this second-hand store on the square here that is HUGE and it's an old library book. It's only 12 dollars and I continue to convince myself not to get it although I'm dyinggggg for it. Ahhhhh! lol