Thursday, August 12, 2010

packing. *barf*

Summer school is finally over. Finally. Both happy and sad, since I'm glad to have a break for...oh, what was that, only a week and a half? Grrr. Anyway, I'm happy about the break, sad about Elliot moving back to New York and not getting to see him again until Christmas; sad about not having Brittany Elliff is one of my roommates any longer (although she WILL be just a few buildings away); sad about being a very poor college student; sad about packing allllllll my crap up, moving it to another building, painting said new room, and then unpacking alllllllll my crap. And re-decorating the new apartment. More happiness, however: I get to paint my room! Green Briar green is the color I chose. It was between that & a shade of purple that I was uneasy about going with because I thought it might possibly drive me mad after a few months. Even though my room at home is green, I knew it would be a success since green is my favorite color AND a somewhat neutral color. I'm also happy about going home for about a week and a half (although even that "vacation" is somewhat tainted as I will be taking a driving course this Saturday from 12–6:30, going to the DPS to get a permit on Monday, driving EVERYWHERE with my mom throughout the week, and then going BACK to the DPS on Friday to take the driving test, hopefully pass, and get my license *barf*). More happiness? Umm...well, it'll be cool to have the apartment all settled in again, although it won't be officially settled in until I come back to San Marcos and can unpack all my things. *sigh* I feel like I'm rambling/complaining a lot. Sheesh. Think happy thoughts....let's see....OH! I got all A's this summer in all 4 classes! So that's good. Oh, oh, oh! AND I think I might get a job at this frozen yogurt place on the square here in San Marcos called Twist & Shout. It's new and DELICIOUSSSSSS. I'm sure you've been to a place like it; you go in, pick up whatever size cup you would like, then proceed to the frozen yogurt pumps which come in several delightful flavors such as yellow cake batter, pomegranate, dark chocolate, strawberry-kiwi, etc. THEN you make your way to the toppings section where you choose from several toppings such as raspberries, chocolate chips, granola, sprinkles, etc. Oh, and they have bubble tea. And the colors in there are really happy and frozen-yogurt-ey. I hope I get it. The owner is really sweet. Her name is Lily and she's of Asian descent and has a cute accent and is also the partial owner of the local japanese steakhouse, Kobe. I hope she calls me like she said she would! : D

I think I'll end this post on that note, and get started on my packing (I'm quite the procrastinator).


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  1. I think I might apply at the frozen yogurt place by my university too! Ours is called Spoonfuls. I like the name Twist and Shout better though. Also, I don't know that we'll have as many cool flavours as yours. Pomegranate sounds awesome! Have a good break! If I didn't have to work I would totally be up there to help you move! And don't even worry about the driver's test. It's super easy. You'll be fine. : )

    LOVE YOU!!