Saturday, June 13, 2009

no title [such a distant, perfect land]

tearing. fighting. beat, beat, beat. circles. concentric. opposite. far, far away. once upon a touch. in sickness and in health, but only when i’m there. unhappy and happy, dysfunctional. torn. pretty pictures. Rip, rip, rip. such a bitter sweet ending. why must everyone know? christmas trees and leprechauns, all through the years. so why? nobody’s fault. nobody’s fault. it is what it is, broken, twisted, forgotten. late nights, early mornings. flowers. unexpected. sweet. comforting. so much pain, so much impending torture. what a regular ending to such a spectacular beginning. then take me, take me, i’m yours. just don’t touch me. calendar on the wall. page after page. ink on my hand, on my sheets. so much emotion. fine, fine, fine. questions in your head. answers in mine. we switch. we dance. we breathe. in corners and under blankets. hidden and exposed. such terrible, terrible torture. take me, i'm yours. give the magic back to me. the power. i am the queen. waiting, waiting, waiting, you will never really know. but neither will i. if only we were in neverland...

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